Game development wiki for PBL group 7 and 10

Welcome to this wiki.

This wiki was created because of an assignment in the subject Animation and Interactivity II at The University of Hedmark, campus Hamar, Norway.
We are three different bachelors working together: Virtual Art and Design, Visual Simulation and Animation.
We will spend roughly half a year working together in groups of 5, where there are atleast one student from each of the bachelors, to create a flash game.
The progress of making the game and the finished product will be very important for our grade in the subject, as it will count for 50%, and the other 50% will be from the exam at the end of this semester.

This wikipage is shared by two of these groups, group 7 and 10.
If you're interested to know who the members of each group are and which bachelor they are part of, their name and contact information are available at the "contact" page.

Each of the two groups have their own seperate page on this wiki, where they have written about the the game they're creating. If you want more information about the games, they also have their own blog which they are updating weekly about the progress of the making of the game.

The links can be found here:
Feel free to leave comments at the blogs.

group 7 - Blog

Group10 - Blog