Group 7 and 10 – Animation

During the first case the main focus for the animators in Group 7 and 10 have mostly been to design and animate the main character and levels. Members of the animation group is Synnøve Hammerstrøm, Jon Jacobsen, Trym Bendik Hjermstad, and Tonje (….) (Where Tonje is in group 7, and the rest in group 10). The tasks of the various groups have been divided in various ways. Guppe 10 has three animators, while group 7 only has one. Tasks was distributed as follows:

Group 10:
Synnøve Hammerstrøm: Synnøve took care of the design of the various levels of the game SpaceCat, and made some suggestions for enemies and objects to be placed around the levels.
Trym Bendik Hjermstad: Designed and animated a walk cycle to the main boss of the game, He also has written the blog for "faggruppene" in animation for this week (the first week).
Jon Jacobsen: Jon joined the group later, and was not with the group from the start, so he had no opportunity to do something the first week.

This has helped us:
- The book: The Animator's Survival Kit
- Diligent use of referase videos of animals running on youtube.
- Synnøves imaginative fantasy

Group 7:
Tonje (….): Tonje animated the skeleton (sketch) to their main character of the game. (group 7). She has also animated a walking / running horse. The best way she finished her task was by splitting up the horse in various body parts, and then animate frame by frame.

This has helped us:
- The book The Animator's Survival Kit

Case 2
The last week we had different task to work with. We all have had our hard parts and easy parts.

Tonje have been working with making a king on a horse. She thought the task was workable, but she had a hard time getting the legs to move right after how the body is was moving. But she got it at last. Tonje also made a squirrel where she had no hard time making.

Trym have been working with a jumping animation for the group main character. Here he had a hard time working with the legs as the character had a bit straight legs, while he wanted them to bend so you got a feeling that the cat is taking power before the jump.

Synnøve have been working with a intro scene, she made a cat on a moon stone that was fading in to the space. She thought it was pretty easy, but it was hard to make the cat smooth floating back and making it look like it is longer and longer away. In time she got it right.

Jon have been working with making a “game over” and a “win” screen or the game for group 10. He feel he have done way to little work this week but he is planning to catch that up by next week. He found the software as he’s biggest problem. As the animation went fine.

case 3

The last 2 weeks i been working on animate 5 diffrent enemys and making 2 level design. This have gone pretty good. The only thing i really had a problem with was animate the legs on my enemys. I find it really hard and decided at the end that i would make it easy for myself and make alot of small legs that would rather drag the character then having a walk. Else from that i just been playing with diffrent design for our 2 level in the game. This was a lava game and me and Trym thought it would be cool to animate the lava in the world.

My job for the last two weeks was to finish up the main boss's animations.

Tonje has made more animation details on the tail of the horse, and foot of the boss, with some help from an animation student in the 3rd year. She finished animating the skeletons for her groups' fourth level, and started animating the boss for the last level. She has learned a lot in these cases, especially about walkcyckles, and find the help from the animation students from the 2nd and 3rd year very useful.

Case 4

Tonje has worked on the walkcycle for the boss at last level (level 5). She also made the boss into a template which she based her humanoid NPCs on. She still find humanoid walkcycles rather hard create, but with hard work managed to get it really decent looking.

In case 4 Synnøve have been working on animating new character for the game. Here she made a walk animation and a dead animation. Else from this she been working on new elements for the game lvls. Designing cakes and other types of candy for the candywold.



Case 5

Tonje has made an attack animation to the level 5 boss, and has also made 4 new human npc`s for the game. She has also created another animation to the skeletons of level 4. When the skeletons enter the stage, they will dig themselves up from the ground. She has also made a short lipsync sequence which is taking place after the game is finished. She had some troubles regarding the lipsync, since she drew it before we had recorded the sound.

In this case i have been working on making the last lvl finish. Here i started all over again so the design would be better. I made alot of elements for the lvl to give a creepy feeling over the map. Beside this i have been working on character animation. Making the last finish touch on what i allready have done all the other cases. Ekse from this i made a new banner for the gruop blog page.