Group 10


Our space cat is sent up in to the universe. Here he finds new different unexplored planets. The cats job is to find Laika and defeat him.

Our main character is a cat in space. This character will have a space cloths on him and a big hammer. We want the hammer to a big one so the effect will be a lot more fun when he hit creatures with it.

The levels in the game are going to be on planets. Here we want each level do be different. This cause he travels from planet to planet.

We dont know how many levels we want or how many we are going to make in time, But these under are some of the ideas we got :)

Level 1: This level is a light forest map, where we will have stone and trees as the main design.
Level 2: This level is going to be a stone planet with lava.
Level 3: This level is going to be a “candy land”. Here there will be a lot of colors and sweet decoration.
Level 4: This level is getting a exotic team, with jungles, waterfalls and exotic animals.
Level 5: Caves. Last level is going to be inside a cave to make it look scary. Here you will also find the last boss.

Our small enemys we want to have on our diffrent levels are going to be small and diffrent. We havnet made anyone yet, but we plan on making them alien like and diffrent.

Last boss will be Laika, The dog who was sent up by humans. As far as we planed now, the attack he will get is bite.