Group 7

Here's the link to our blog if you want more information about the game, and the process of making it:

The idea for our game
You'll be playing as an evil overlord in a hero-defense arcade game.
The overlord has always wanted to go to a garden party, but he has never been invited by the good kings and heroes.
He decides to arrange his own garden party, but he is missing one thing: Cake!

When you start the game you have already stolen the cake, and must now make your way back to your own castle while fending off enemies that come in "waves".

The Levels
We plan on having five different levels, all of them with a completely different design. We want to give you the impression of a medieval fantasy landscape that is rapidly changing.
The first level: This level will be mostly white in design as it is the king's castle, with some occasional pink drapery and green nature.
The second level: This level will have a town theme inspired by medieval houses/danish houses .
The third level: is a rainbow…avoid the boss as much as you can, or you'll be infected by stupidity.
The fourth level: Will be a graveyard, to make a complete opposite of the previous level. You'll notice in the dark and gloomy atmosphere that your castle is in the background. You're soon there!
The fifth level: You're home in the courtyard of your dark and spiky castle. Soon you can eat the cake together with your special friend!