Subject Groups

These subject groups ("faggruppene") are part of our assignement.

We have to work together with the other students from the same bachelor in order to create a report for each case.
We'll write about the problems we have faced(if faced any), and about how we sorted them out.

The members of each subject group are:

Visual Simulation:
- Bjørnar Dervo (group 7)
- Joakim Fossan (group 10)

- Tonje Clason (group 7)
- Synnøve Hammerstrøm (group 10)
- Jon Eide Jacobsen (group 10)
- Trym Bendik D Hjermstad (group 10)

Virtual Art and Design:
- Marielle Juveng (group 7)
- Siri Rundberget (group 7)
- Ragnhild Aspeggen (group 7)
- Daryl Alejandro Martinez (group 10)