Virtual Art And Design

Case 1
In the first case, we designers started drawing level and character designs. We at group 7 have three designers, Marielle, Ragnhild and Siri, while group 10 have only one, Daryl.

How the tasks were distributed:
- Marielle (group 7) focused on the overall level design, and completely finished designing our second level and scripting them in to place. She also created our first wiki-page. (wikidot was at that time offline for new creators, which is the reason for why we started out with a rather bad wikipage, where there hardly was any options at all for customization).
- Ragnhild (group7) worked on the main character design and animations(walkcycle, jump and idle - together with quick attack animation), which were based on Tonjes(our animator) template.
Ragnhild also created our first blog, which we later had to change/recreate due to not meeting the requirements, as it was more like a forum.
- Siri (group7) made our first npc, a pig, and animated it's walkcycle (also based on Tonjes template).
- Daryl (group 10) focused on creating the walk and idle animations, as well as the design for the main character of the group, which was decided to be a cat in a spacesuit.

We at group 7 had no problems/difficulties this case. We had started planning and drawing before we even got the case handed out, so time wasn't an issue either.

One little challenge that we've met is the co-operation between the groups, as we're often not at the same place, making it harder to contact each other.

Case 2
In this case we were going to continue the making of the animations and start refining the graphical elements of the levels.
We at group 7 had already finished the required animations for this case (walking, idle and jump) in the first case, giving us time to continue and create new characters(npcs) with their own animations.

What we did this case:
- Marielle continued designing, with her focus on lvl 1, which she completed designing and scripting. I found this lvl a bit harder to make than the one I made at case 1, due to the colour combinations. There's a lot of white-ish objects in the first lvl, making it harder to get a nice "flow" in the scene. I found out that by using a hint of gradient on some objects (wall and floor), I was able to get an overall better looking scene. I also found out that trees(with leaves) are really hard to draw,and spent quite a long time on it. I also created the design on the boss for lvl 3.
- Ragnhild created the intro "level" to our game. She used both photoshop and flash for the intro, in order to create a mixed style. The backgrounds are made in photoshop, where she is able to draw more finer details, and the character and front objects are made in flash, in order to keep them rather simple. In the intro there are some pictures that all our bosses are gathered in. (each member in the group designs a boss each) The sketch to one of the bosses came a bit late, thus making Ragnhild unable to complete the intro before we were given a new case.
- Siri started designing and animating the boss for lvl 2. She had never animated a human before, making it a challenging task. Tonje helped her out a bit. Siri, together with Marielle started on the working schedule/plan.
- Daryl Continued working on the main character for the game and its animations. I think due to the design of the character it made animasjon more smooth.

Case 3

- Marielle (I) created a new blog for group 7, and a new wikipage. At the last wikipage we were unable to change anything at all unless we paid money to the site, therefore we decided to create one here, where we can do as we like with the whole page layout etc. It took quite some time to figure out how to change and create new pages on this site, but with the help from Monica, our group councilor, the wiki page was done after a few hours. I have also designed and animated the walkcycle and attack animation for the boss on the 3rd level. I met a few problems regarding animation, such as the spacing of the legs and arms. My first mistake was to not use a layer for each body part, which made it rather complicated for me later when I wanted to change certain parts or re-use them. An animation student in the 3rd year helped me regarding the spacing of the legs and arms, and I also found the book "The Animator's Survival Guide" to be pretty handy.
- Daryl worked now on a introductionscene to the game, I created various elements, characters and backgrounds for this. I found that the main challenge was cordinating the timing between the characters, the speech and the items. The cat's jump inside the spaceship presented a problem since the cat was a seperate animation. I solved it by using the cat animation inside the spaceship as a movieclip, though for a moment i had to make sure to position it accordingly, time it accordingly inside the cat animatioon. I also had to create a new character called "boss" for this scene and design him so he would fit into the concept of the game. the background was a simple task to create however.
- Ragnhild created the Game Over page and the ending pages. She had hoped to get enough time to create a new attack animation, but it turned out there wasn't enough.
- Siri Has worked a lot this last week at writing the report. She has also drawn the design and animations for the 3rd level(rainbow), and finished the walk and attack animations for her farmer boss. She found the boss rather hard to animate, as written in last case as well. She changed the design a bit, giving him a peggleg, to make it easier for her to animate.

Case 4

-Marielle has designed the objects to level 4 and scripted them into place. She had to use much fewer objects than in previous levels, because it would have become very messy to place many objects to that stage. The background in this level is more important than in the other levels, since in those the objects make the level, compared to level 4.
- Siri has made some sounds for the npcs in the game, and have also experimented a bit with background music to the game.
- Ragnhild has finished a new attack animation for our character, the evil overlord.
-Daryl tok opp lyder i sammen med gruppa, editet videre på lyder med soundbooth og enkelte på nye/ferdige animasjoner

Case 5
This is the last case, and after the week is done we'll have three weeks to focus on adding the last finishing touches to our games.

-Marielle has made some more objects to the fourth level, and has also started designing the final level which will have similarities to the first level.
-Siri hasn't done very much the previous week, but will finish off her current tasks this week.
-Ragnhild has made the "walkcycle"(it's flying) for the boss at fourth level, and she had also started on making photoshop backgrounds to the levels.
-Daryl —-Jobbet videre med en ny version of introen.

Second update

-Marielle has started designing the last level, but had to make some changes to her original idea in order to make the design fit to the intro. She also found out that those changes made the overall design look much better and interesting.
-Siri is soon done making all the sound effects, and has made the background music to the menu screens. She didn't face any problems while working with sounds.
-Ragnhild has worked on the attack animation to her character, and has also been working more on the background images to the levels.
-Daryl —-

Final update
There are now two days left to the final hand-in, and all the graphical elements are fully completed.

-Marielle has made various buttons to the game(options, skip button, arrows, two attack buttons and volume sliders). She thought making buttons would be hard as she has never attempted to make any before. She found the task to be quite easy with the help of different tutorials she found on the internet regarding button making in Photoshop. Though she came across a problem when she was going to use them in flash. Problem: the backgrounds didn't become transparent as she wished them to. She found that the cause of this problem was that she hadn't exported them correctly from photoshop. She had just directly transported them over, instead of saving as .png files and with "interlaced" option on. The problem was easily fixed, but took quite some amount of time to figure out. She has also redesigned the different startpages (options, intructions etc.) so that they match a bit more with the game, and give a better first impression of it.
-Siri has worked on the report and the different milestoneplans etc.
Ragnhild has completed the backgrounds for the different levels, and have also fully animated her boss' "walkcycle" and attack animation.
Daryl —-